Foldr Full Edition 25 User Licence

Product code: ibs67
Tired of not being able to get to your files when outside of your school? Foldr allows you access directly into your school network, safely and securely, from anywhere in the world.

Product information

Foldr connects many different types of storage all to one central location – whether on-premise (Windows Storage, Network Drives/NAS) or an existing Cloud Service (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Office365 OneDrive & Sharepoint, Box and Amazon S3). Foldr presents a unified place to access all your stuff, wherever it may be located

Edit anything, from any location, with any application

Have a document stored in Google Drive, but want to edit it in Microsoft Word (desktop or online)? Foldr can do that. Want to edit a document in Google Sheets, but it’s stored on your Windows Storage? Foldr can do that too. Like Magic, only better

Working together

You've spent ages working on that all-important document when you discover that somebody else was also working on it – and they’ve overwritten your changes! With Foldr for Windows you can use Foldr’s check out features to notify colleagues and co-workers that you’re working on a file.


All those cloud collaboration tools are great, when we’re all in sync… But most of us aren’t, are we? Foldr gives you the tools you need to make all your services talk to each other.

Smarter cloud access

Foldr for Windows recognises all of your Google Docs, Sheets and Slides and double-clicking will launch them in your favourite browser ready for editing.

Be gone, evil-doers!

We know that viruses and ransomware are hot topics at the moment. So we’ve implemented advanced administrative features. Foldr admins can require a PC to have the latest Anti-Virus protection before the app will connect to their servers. And Foldr for Windows contains ransomware detection mechanisms which will immediately disconnect the drive and alert the user if suspicious activity has been detected.


No matter where your files are, Foldr gives you one interface to share anything with anyone using a simple link… even if it’s on Windows Storage


Stream audio and video files in your web browser or app with ease, wherever they’re stored. No need to download, no need for specific media players - just hit play and go


Set up special folders that behave in different ways, depending on what you choose. Want to distribute content, and make sure each person who saves work back to the folder has a private space that can’t been seen by anyone else (apart from you)? Want to set an expiry on the ability to copy work to a folder to enforce a deadline? Foldr can do all of this... and more

No more saving email attachments

Our Inbox feature allows you to create an email address that’s attached to a Folder. When an email is received, Foldr automatically takes the attachment, saves it to the folder and adds a note in the "activity" feed. Simple, but effective - no more right-click, “Save as…” millions of times per day

Find out more about Foldr here Foldr Website

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Product Code ibs67