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IBS Schools have partnered with Impero to bring you an amazing approach to e-safety and network management. To find out more about the pricing for this product please contact us directly at IBS Schools on 01905 765160 or through


All staff working in UK schools have a responsibility to keep students safe, in line with Ofsted, ISI, and other inspection bodies’ best practice whole-school approach to safeguarding. Those in dedicated safeguarding, child protection or pastoral care roles, however, have a specific obligation to take a lead on school safeguarding practices.

Impero Education Pro’s online safety functionality has been developed in direct response to the DfE’s Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) guidance and we’re proud that our solution is compliant with the UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘appropriate monitoring’ checklist. Using a range of intelligent monitoring tools, Education Pro’s online safety feature is designed to provide the context around online safety incidents, in line with Ofsted and ISI’s recommended managed approach. Monitoring, as opposed to simply blocking, provides young people the opportunity to learn how to navigate the online world safely and, ultimately, assess risk for themselves

Keyword detection scans for when certain terms are typed anywhere on the network, including in an email, an application, search engine, URL or HTML. Our keyword detection libraries, based on adult content, bullying and trolling, eating disorders, LGBT derogatory language, race & religious hatred, sexting, and self-harm, amongst others, provide school safeguarding staff with a glossary definition of terms, acronyms and abbreviations to help put a student’s online activity, and potential risk, into context.

If the software detects these terms, or other incidents of misconduct, an automatic screenshot or video capture is taken, and this capture is assigned a severity rating. School safeguarding staff can then view this information within the wider context of a student’s behaviour, so the most appropriate response can be actioned.


As the traditional classroom shifts to one centred on all things digital, how do you ensure your students remain focused on the task at hand and protected from potential risk? We understand these difficulties faced by teachers in the modern classroom, because that’s where Impero began – inside the classroom.

Impero Education Pro places classroom control into your hands, giving you all the tools required to focus and enhance learning, monitor progress and protect students from risk. From locking machines and broadcasting screens to messaging functionality and a live thumbnail view of all student devices, you can eliminate the distractions of the digital world and keep students on task. The ability to block and restrict access to specified applications and websites, along with keyword abuse libraries, helps with your duty of care to keep students safeguarded in the school environment. And all from a simple and easy-to-use interface.

With Impero Education Pro, gone are the days of worrying about incorporating tech into your classroom; the software provides all the tools required to deal with behaviour on-the-fly, just like any other behaviour management issue.

There’s also no need to panic about introducing mobile devices into your teaching space, as Education Pro’s classroom monitoring functionality is compatible with iPads, Chromebooks and Windows tablets.

     IT Teams

Created in direct response to the challenges IT teams face in the modern learning environment, Education Pro provides a host of network management features, from power management and print management to licence management and computer usage monitoring. Deploying an MSI and launching command prompts, at the click of a button, ensures installations and updates are distributed across groups of machines or the whole network, while inventory management helps you keep track of IT assets, and power management centralises the control of energy usage to maintain efficiency and track savings.

We know that one incident is one too many, and when sourcing an online safety solution, the onus is often put on you. This task, combined with updates to KCSiE around safeguarding being a whole school responsibility, online safety rockets to the top of your agenda. Whether your students are using school equipment on the school grounds or a cyberbullying issue takes place at home, schools need to ensure preventative measures are in place to deal with risk proactively. With keyword detection libraries, real-time monitoring, incident logging and handling, and Confide, an anonymous reporting tool, Impero Education Pro supports schools with its legal duty of care when it comes to safeguarding.


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Product Code ibs72
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