ZuluDesk MDM

Product code: ibs100
Zulu Desk is our recommended Mobile Device Management platform (MDM), allowing you to easily manage devices like iPads in bulk, no need to visit each device to install an app.

Product information

ZuluDesk is IBS Schools preferred MDM solution for Apple iPads. At £5.50 per device per year it represent outstanding value for money.

What is ZuluDesk?

ZuluDesk is a powerful, cost effective Mobile Device Management System for today’s modern digital classroom. With ZuluDesk all your Apple devices can be easily managed. ZuluDesk has easy tools available for IT Departments, Teachers, and Parents.

In combination with Apple’s new iOS 11, ZuluDesk is the very best MDM choice for education. Inventory, deploy, and secure every Mac, iPad, and iPhone in your school—and integrate them into existing IT with an ease that has never been possible until now.

ZuluDesk has a powerful management system for the IT department. IT departments are responsible for keeping track of all devices. With the management system, they can set policies and keep track of activities and incidents. It is important that IT has all the right tools for managing Apple devices.

To configure the tvOS homescreen layout, we created a great homescreen layout editor. Simply drag and drop apps to where you want to place them.

Create specific folders for your apps, for example, place all your math-related apps in the “Math” folder. Students will always know where to find the apps they need during class.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard will generate a quick overview to assist you. You can easily keep track of all managed devices, users, active ZuluDesk Teacher users, popular Apps and much more!

Device Management

With ZuluDesk, the IT team can see information about the devices and manage each and every device. The IT department has the same functionality as the teacher along with additional tools, info, and restrictions.

Incident System

The Incident system in ZuluDesk is a powerful tool that enables IT administrators to check and keep track of (possible) problems with iPads. Here you can register a damaged iPad and check if the device is still eligible for warranty. You can also add attachments like photographs or documents which can serve as proof.

Profile Management

Setup different profiles for your students as well as the teachers and other personnel. Create layouts for devices, set restrictions, and much more!

Easy Class Management

Easily manage classes by dragging and dropping required apps, distributing content and setting restrictions.

Technical specifications

Brand Zuludesk
Product Code ibs100